• Current consumption: 16 A
  • Capacity: 3,6 kW
  • Voltage: 1N AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • External dimensions: 467 x 610 x 630 mm
Product series
ORACGS | Fast oven (grey),  ORACRS | Fast oven (red),  ORACBS | Fast oven (black), 

Oracle always adapts to your needs. During the preparation stages, it can be used in Combi Wave mode to cook croissants or bread, or by using all microwave power. At the start of the service, however, it can quickly turn into a High Speed Oven to offer your customers dishes that are ready in a matter of seconds. Being totally Plug & Play means Oracle can fit anywhere thanks to its compact size while still retaining a generously-sized oven for its category. No water supply connections are required for operation. Another advantage of Total Plug & Play is that Oracle can be installed anywhere because it does not require an extraction system. The Oracle Washable Box allows you to easily clean your Oracle oven without the need for expensive filling and draining connections. All this thanks to a special Teflon oven chamber which can be removed and washed for the next round of cooking, making the cleaning procedure fast and cost-effective.

Standard equipment: cooking plate, aluminium peel, Oracle Washable Box, Adesive lining for the inside of the door, Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet connection, USB connection, Power cable (2 mt.), Plug (only for 50 Hz)

This product is available in grey, red and black colours.

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