225479 - Low temperature oven cook and hold
225479 - Low temperature oven cook and hold
  • Capacity: 1200 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • External dimensions: 495 x 690 x 415 mm
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–Designed for slowly preparing or regenerating food, by means of a very accurately set and controlled process.
–With core temperature probe, separately adjustable.
–Recessed handles in the sides.
–Easy to clean door seal.
–Oven chamber is heated on 4 sides, uniformly distributing the heat throughout the chamber.
–Energy efficient due to extra insulation.
–Seamless oven chamber with rounded corners, easy to clean.
–Temperature adjustable by 1 degree increments - oven chamber up to 120°C, core temperature and keep warm up to 100°C.
–Door hinges left or right, easy to convert.
–Digital setting and readout of time, set temperature, and current core/chamber temperatures.
–Stainless steel pan and tray holder, suitable for GN 1/1 containers, grids and trays as well as 600x400 mm bakery trays, on 3 levels.

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