CBES061R - Electric boiler combi oven 6x GN 1/1
CBES061R - Electric boiler combi oven 6x GN 1/1
  • Net weight: 89 kg
  • Capacity: 8,25 kW
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • External dimensions: 875 x 650 x 705 mm
Please call for details.
6x GN 1/1 capacity
Automatic with over 90 tested and stored cooking programs - programmable with the ability to store 99 cooking programs – manual pre-heating – manual humidifier – halogen lighting – autoreverse (automatic reverse of fan rotation) – AUTOCLIMA automatic system for measuring and controlling the humidity int he cooking chamber – Fast-Dry system for quick dehunidification of the cooking chamber
Manual cooking with three cooking modes: Convection from 30°C to 300°C, 
Steam from 30°C to 130°C, Combination Convection+Steam from 30°C to 300°C
SCROLLER PLUS knob with Scroll and push function to confirm the choice.
DELTA T automatic parallel chamber and core temperature control.
USB connection for downloading HACCP data, updating software, and loading/downloading cooking programs.

ECOSPEED function: based on quantity and type of the products, optimizes and controls the delivery of energy, maintains the correct cooking temperature, preventing any fluctuations

ECOVAPOR function: with this system there is a definite reduction in water and energy consumption due to the automatic controls of the steam saturation in the cooking chamber

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