DGL5P Gas powered gyros maker
DGL5P Gas powered gyros maker
  • Net weight: 47 kg
  • Heating capacity: 13760 Kcal/h
  • Gas consumption: 1,25 kg/h
  • Spit length: 850 mm
  • Capacity: 16 kW
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Revolution per minute: 2
  • External dimensions: 560 x 780 x 1156 mm
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The "TURBO" SER-GAS gyros machine device with new radiation design, and improved double burners provide enormous savings. This device offers the advantage of illuminating each individual burner and adjusting the flame depending on the pounds of meat and the way you want to cook. Replacing the burner tile is easy and fast way to turn the service into a simple matter. It is a particularly useful machine, easy to clean and maintain
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