OzoBox 60 - Sanitizing box
OzoBox 60 - Sanitizing box
  • External dimensions: 600 x 750 x 2000 mm
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In the era of pandemic OzoBox 60 is developed to fight against coronavirus.

OzoBox is intended for the hygienization / disinfection of clothes, aprons, overalls and other items of clothing that can be placed inside the device. An efficient ozone generator. Ozone treatment is considered one of the most effecitve ways to combat and eliminate most viruses, bacteria or fungi. Ozone is also used to remove unpleasant odors, e.g. cigarette smoke, humand and animal odors, burning, mustinessy.

Standard equipment:

- insulated casing made of coated steel
- glass door
- ozone generator
- LED lighting
- clothes hangers
- adjustable shelf / shoe basket
- timer
- electromagnetic door look

Cycle time: 1 hour

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