Safe Hands mini - On-the-wall Dispenser
Safe Hands mini - On-the-wall Dispenser
  • External dimensions: 210 x 165 x 465 mm
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Safe Hands mini - On-the-wall Dispenser, Capacity: 2 liters, 
  • Net price 112,00,- EUR
  • Sales price: 148,00,- EUR
  • Gross price 176,12 EUR
Safe Hands mini - On-the-wall Dispenser was created to ensure cleanliness and hand hygiene in all facilities, where the key issue is the safety of staff and customers. The main purpose of Safe Hands is to limiz the use of hands, our soulation allows the liquid to be dispensed by pressing the lever with the elbow.
To ensure durability and aesthetics of dispensers, the devices are made of stainless steel. The geometric form increases the functionality of the devices allow you to use them in all conditions.

Key benefits:
- aesthtic and modern design;
- for use in facilities serving a large number of customers, applicants;
- universal, for use with any type of disinfectant available on the market;
- easy to fill with liquid and easy maintenance;
- intuitive in everyday use.

Safe Hands mini - On-the-wall Dispenser is purchasable with capacity of 2 liters and 5 liters. Pump is included.

The dispenser is ideal for any commercial, gastronomic, service facility, offices and public utilities, pharmacies, clinics, and all places where we deal with everyday matters. 

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