Dough mixer | AEROMIX 160
Dough mixer | AEROMIX 160
  • Bowl dimension: 600 x 600 mm
  • Weight: 595 kg
  • tank capacity: 160 l
  • Capacity: 6 kW
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • External dimensions: 980 x 1115 x 2045 mm
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The Aeromix goes beyond the concept of a simple planetary mixer. It allows operators, using a single machine, to achieve the same results they would obtain with a planetary mixer, spiral mixer or a spiral arm mixer, guaranteeing a high level of quality and efficiency in any specific process. In addition to the traditional mixing tools - spiral, shovel and paddle - Aeromix is equipped with 2 other special mixing tools - a scraper and an anti-rotating tool.
The equipment makes it possible to use 3 types of utensils at the same time. For example, for kneading a dough, a special spiral interacts with another rotating utensil, resulting in: double refining of the dough, better aeration of the dough as a result of its continuous distribution during kneading/mixing, reduction of the working time required to make the recipe, reduction of the degree of overheating of the dough. Thus, it works like a mixer, but with a clearly superior result in terms of the quality of the final dough and particularly in the formation of the gluten network.
It has a solid and robust construction; the parts of the mixer that come into contact with the dough (bowl, spiral arm and stopper shaft) are made of stainless steel.
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