Meat mixer | IP 80 XP BA
Meat mixer | IP 80 XP BA
  • Dough capacity: 80 kg
  • Net weight: 90 kg
  • tank capacity: 110 l
  • Capacity: 2x0,37-2x0,55 kW
Please call for details.
Practical and compact mixer, ideal for butchers and restaurants, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, ventilated motor, gearbox in oil bath, polished and tempered helical gears with double sealing system, safety microswitch on the lid, removable stainless steel mixing arm, front opening for shaft removal and product unloading, IP 67 protection controls. Tilting mixing container with automatic closing system and safety lock, braking wheels, 2-blade mixing system, reversing mixing direction (forward-backward).
Optional: feeding tray for adding ingredients.
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