Ice cube machine | SUPER STAR NG110
Ice cube machine | SUPER STAR NG110
  • Ice storage capacity: 60 kg
  • Weight: 81 kg
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Ice production capacity: 85/106/107 kg/24h
  • Capacity: 950 W
  • External dimensions: 715 x 700 x 1044 mm
Product series
air cooling,  water cooling, 
Ice cube machine with intelligent front ventilation system (SFVS) allowing integrated installation of the unit, cleaning switch that disconnects the cooling system while circulating water with descaling product (Calklin or similar), "Never Stop" motor pump developed by ITV, special water spray system prevents limescale deposits.
Accessories included: water inlet filter gasket, water inlet hose, water outlet hose, height adjustable foot kit, medium shovel.
Optional accessories: limescale filter, limescale filter + CS101 chloride filter, particulate filter, C4 water softener, Calklin 50 Cleaner, 4 wheel kit.
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