ATT10 - Blast chiller/shock freezer 10x GN 1/1 or 10x 600x400
ATT10 - Blast chiller/shock freezer 10x GN 1/1 or 10x 600x400
  • Internal size: 610x410x760 mm
  • Net weight: 112 kg
  • Chamber capacity: 10 GN1/1, 10-600x400mm
  • Shocker capacity: 25 kg/cycle (chill)
  • Shocker capacity: 15 kg/cycle (freeze)
  • Distance between layers: 70 mm
  • Capacity: 1490 W
  • Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Cooling time: (+43°C, 65% Rh) +90 ... -18°C 240 minute
  • Chilling time: (+43°C, 65% Rh) +90 ... +3°C within 90 minutes
  • External dimensions: 750 x 740 x 1300/1320 mm
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Blast chiller/shock freezer with inside and outside made of stainless steel, except for external bottom. It is equipped with self-closing door, electronic front control, dynamic cooling, adjustable stainless steel feet.
Standard set up: temperature core probe, stainless steel runners.
Energy saving operation is ensured by the excellent lining and the self-sealing door.

Capacity: 10xGN1/1 or 10-600x400 mm
Standard equipment: tray holder rails, core probe
Shock freezing capacity: 25 kg

The blas chiller/shock freezer is suitable for fish, meat and pastries.

Prepared food can easily lose its taste and enjoyment value, moreover ready-cooked food can easily be attacked by bacterias. Just the extremely fast refrigeration/conbelation - shocking - can preserve the quality, the original taste and the enjoyment value of the food. Food treated by blast chillers remain fresh and appetizing after warming up.

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