GKPv 1490 - ProfiPremiumline two-door reach-in refrigerator
GKPv 1490 - ProfiPremiumline two-door reach-in refrigerator
  • Refrigeration range: -2/+15 °C
  • Refrigerant: R 290
  • Energy consumption: 2,969 kWh/24h
  • Brutto volume: 1361 liter
  • External dimensions: 1430 x 830 x 2120 mm
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The GKPv 1490-ProfiPremiumline two-door reach-in refrigerator is a premium-quality refrigeration system equipped with touch button control electronics and a digital temperature display. It has an optical and acoustic alarm function that can be tested and customized in the refrigerator. It also has HACCP PLUS functionality capable of storing the min and max temperature values and the date of the last 3-3 temperature and power failure powerbreak, with an exact time and duration. Due to the practical distribution of the refrigerator, 8 reinforced stainless steel grid shelves, size GN 2/1, and 4 Intermediate shelves were constructed. Shelves can be adjusted to 55 mm in height and have a load capacity of 60 kg each. The doors of the GKPv 1490 - ProfiPremiumline two-door reach-in refrigerator can be opened with a foot pedal and closed automatically.
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