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Electric low-built griddle plate 1/2 smooth + 1/2 grooved | K4EFRS10VV

Electric low-built griddle plate 1/2 smooth + 1/2 grooved | K4EFRS10VV

Stainless steel frame. Athermic thermoset plastic knobs with useful screen printed edges. Heating obtained through tubular heating elements with stainless steel sheath placed in direct contact with the cooking plate. Temperature regulation through a thermostat. Working temperatures between 90°C and 300°C. Safety thermostat with manual reset against equipment malfunctioning.
Single large, thick cooking plate with smooth finish that allows excellent heat transmission. Welded splash guard. The groove geometry of the grooved cooking plates is such as it can be cleaned with the smooth scraper used for cutting. The cooking plate is installed on the worktop with a slight inclination to allow grease to flow towards the drain. Two different cooking areas, each provided with its temperature controls. 1/2 smooth 1/2 grooved cooking plate. AISI 304 stainless steel worktop with rounded corners for easy cleaning. Stainless steel front, side and back panels.
Large hole on the cooking surface for draining fats into a large capacity container placed under the cooking surface itself. Standard equipped with a grease collection container. A Teflon plug, suitable to plug the drain in case of any cooking with a film of oil, available on demand.
Laser-cut work top finishing for "head-to-head" matching and binding fastening.
Height-adjustable stainless steel legs.
Accessories available on demand. 

Product details:

  • External dimensions: 800 x 900 x 850 mm
  • Net weight: 103 kg
  • Power: 13 kW
In stock Cooking Line REDFOX 900 > Cooking line - 900 > Cooking lines > Catering appliences

Net price 2 339,00 EUR
Sales price: 1 871,00 EUR

Gross price 2 226,49 EUR


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