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RX164E - RX Compact Dishwasher

RX164E - RX Compact Dishwasher

The RX Compact Dishwasher combines the prewash, the wash and the rinse zone in just one module.
It's radial wash tanks sloped to help emptying the tanks. Self-cleaning vertical wash pumps are protected from electrical overloads. It contains Traction system with built-in clutch preventing derailment. The AISI 304 stainless steel boilers are fully insulated to reduce thermal losses.The equipment has a voltage electronic soft touch panel with IP65 security level, manufactured to be userfriendly and easy to be cleaned.
The dishwasher has S/S washing and rinsing arms. These are removable without using any tool, for easier cleaning operation or to help the change of working direction on the RX 101E.
S/S surface filters are available on every tank, easily removable without detaching washing arms, to keep the water clean and free from food scraps.
Two speed traction system works with built-in clutch. Variable speed inverter is available on request, to modify the conveyor speed when needed.
Autotimer switchs off the rack conveyor motor as well as other machine’s options, after a prolongued period of inactivity, this can limit the expenses.
Economizers allow operation only when the rack is detected on that specific area, avoiding any waste of water and energy.
Pressure reducer stabilize the water pressure and grant an optimal final rinse.
Non-Return Valve prevent the backflow of water, and avoid any contamination of the water supply in case of external depression.
Optional Features:
• 4,5kW drying module, which is positioned linearly or in a corner - 90° mechanized - using a strong jet of pre-heated air.
It guarantees perfectly dried dishes.
• Sanitization System, which includes the dispenser of sanitizing products, for a proper cleaning and maintenance of the machine. To be done at the end of the daily service
• Heat Recovery in case of cold water inlet (the first daily tank load must be done with hot water). This unit recovers and re-uses the heat/energy produced by the machine during service to pre-heat the cold water

Use of water softener is obligatory!

The RX Compact dishwashers has been designed to satisfy the demand of medium and small restaurants.

Product details:

  • External dimensions: 1880 x 715 x 1565/1900 mm
  • Capacity: 29,58 kW
  • Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Washing up efficiency: 100/150 basket/hour
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