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RX101E - RX Compact Dishwasher

RX101E - RX Compact Dishwasher

The RX 101 E "COMPACT" series continuous dishwasher combines the prewash, wash and rinse cycles into one module. AISI 304 material grade stainless steel exterior and interior, heat and sound insulated double wall door, opening sensor with safety microswitch. With digital display, touch-button control (IP65 protection) and safety STOP button. Wash and rinse arms are easy to remove and clean. Washing direction: from right to left. The dishwasher has stainless steel wash and rinse arms that are easy to remove and clean. The tanks in the washroom have stainless steel filters that can be easily removed without removing the wash arms to keep the water clean and free of food residue. The device can be operated in two gears: 70 or 110 baskets / hour. When not in use, the machine automatically stops the conveyor and switches to standby mode. When incoming baskets are detected, the system restarts, thus avoiding wasting water and energy. The system provides constant water pressure for an optimal rinsing cycle. The non-return valve prevents water backflow and infiltration in the event of an external pressure drop. Basket size 500x500mm (usable height 450mm).
Optional features:
• 4.5kW drying module that dries linearly or at an angle - at 90 ° - with high-pressure preheated air. This guarantees perfectly dry dishes.
• Heat recovery module for cold water supply. The appliance recovers and reuses the heat (hot steam) / energy generated by the machine to preheat the cold water.
• Variable speed, frequency converter adjust conveyor speed if necessary.

The use of a water softener is mandatory!

The design of the RX Compact continuous black dishwasher allows it to meet the needs of medium and small restaurants.

Product details:

  • External dimensions: 1080 x 715 x 1565/1900 mm
  • Capacity: 22,10 kW
  • Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Washing up efficiency: 70/100 basket/hour
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