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WCH-1/C5 WO 750 ELLADA | Confectionary counter

WCH-1/C5 WO 750 ELLADA | Confectionary counter

WCH-1/C5 WO ELLADA - Straight glass confectionary counter with integral condensing unit (plug in) and dynamic cooling system.

Standard equipment - hinged front glass. All glass combined (double glass). Counters with lenght of 750 mm, do not have sliding doors and are opening only to the sides. Door can be open to the right or to the left. Metal elements: silver or black.
Body insulated with eco-friendly polyurethane foam
. Any shelf height with possibility of tiltHolder against falling tray. Thermostat with automatic defrost and digital display. LED lighting: upper horizontal and vertical. Automatic condensate evaporation!

Choose the colour of the counter from the given colours. The outer casing can be laminated board or MDF board. MDF board for confectionery counters standard are colour white and black.
The pric of device don't include outer casing cost!

Product details:

  • External dimensions:
  • Refrigeration range: (+25°C, 60% Rh) +5 ... +15 °C
  • Weight: 150 kg
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Energy class: D
  • Energy consumption: 4,0 kWh/24h
  • Capacity: 680 W
  • Exposition part: 0,85 m²
  • Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Volume: 170 liter
  • Max display loading capacity: 10 kg/m²
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