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SUFsg 5001 H72 | LIEBHERR Ultralow freezer -86 C

SUFsg 5001 H72 | LIEBHERR Ultralow freezer -86 C

The SUFsg 5001 is Ultralow freezer (- 40 °C és - 86 °C). Alarm test function. This test function can be used to check whether an internally or externally connected alarm system is functioning correctly. The appliance’s refrigeration performance is not affected by this test. Efficient refrigeration system. Temperature alarm. The integrated temperature alarm indicates if the lower or upper alarm thresholds have been breached. It uses both acoustic and visual signals to provide maximum security for goods that have been stored.

Temperautre stability and consistency EN 60068-3. All laboratory refrigerators and freezers are tested at the state-of-the-art Liebherr development facilities according to procedure EN 60068-3 for measuring temperature stability. This involves measuring the temperature at nine different points in the appliance interiors.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants. Electronic control system. Malfunction: warning signal is optical and acoustical. Power failure alarm is immediately upon power failure for 72h. Side wall material is steel. Colour is white. Door/cover material is steel. Material of interior containers is stainless steel. Aluminium handle, solid with integrated opening mechanism.

Variant H72 has water cooling!

Liebherr products are guaranteed for 2+3 years. The provisos are found in the"Warranty" section.

Product details:

  • External dimensions: 920 x 1082 x 1966 mm
  • Refrigeration range: -40/-86 °C
  • Gross weight: 280 kg
  • Net weight: 247 kg
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Current consumption: 7,0 A
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Brutto volume: 491 liter
  • Net volume: 477 liters
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