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DKB-6 KEG cooler

DKB-6 KEG cooler

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DKB coolers are specifically designed to store 20, 30 and 50 liter KEG barrels or bottle crates. The DKB cooler panel design allows assembly and installation of equipment in tight spaces, such as cellars. The equipment is delivered in a non-assembled condition. The product does not include the stand-alone DKB-MU cooling unit, which can be ordered separately. DKB barrel cooler with cooling fan (fast cooling), electronic thermostat, automatic defrost, adjustable feet and reinforced stainless steel bottom panel. The cooler features an anthracite painted metal outer cover and a silver-gray painted metal interior trim. The rubber seal of the door can be changed. Beer spirals have holes drilled in the left and right. Simple service - the cooling unit can be completely replaced. The meaning of the Energetic designation: DKB barrel coolers are environmentally friendly (R290 refrigerant) and energy-efficient (higher cooling power, more than 35% energy saving).

DKB-MU-E - Cooling unit for DKB barrel and beverage coolers 
Independent refrigeration units for DKB barrel and beverage coolers. They have automatic defrosting and ventilation cooling. The cooling unit can be placed on the top of the refrigeration unit. 
Cooling range: +2 ... + 10 ° C 
Exterior dimensions: 615 x 525 x 310 mm 
Cooling capacity: 630 W 
Power: 240 W 
Refrigerant R290

Product details:

  • External dimensions: 1470 x 975 x 1080 mm
  • Internal size: 1385x885x980 mm
  • KEG capacity: 18x20 / 12x30 / 6x50 liter
  • Net volume: 1200 liters
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