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WCh-6/1BZ-1040 WEGA - Counter with curved glass without aggr. (S)

WCh-6/1BZ-1040 WEGA - Counter with curved glass without aggr. (S)

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WCH-6/1BZ 1040 WEGA - Curved glass counter is remote static version in stainless steel design. It's front door is hinged, the thermostat operates with automatic defrost and digital display. The device's ABS sides and body are insulated with organic polyurethane foam. Further features: lighting - white fluorescent lamp, sliding doors at the rear,  large chamber door. Price without cost of sides and expansion valve.

Colors of aluminium profiles: gold or silver.

You can choose the color of the chilled console from the RAL colors shown in the pictures. Colors are white, red, grey, blue, rape yellow, gold, mint green and orange.

WCH-6/1BZ 1040 WEGA curved glass counter LED lighting, electrical socket, automatic water vaporization, glass divider, movable plexiglass divider and inside glass shelf can be purchasable as an option.

Product details:

  • External dimensions:
  • Refrigerant: R507
  • External size without end walls: 1040x1100x1250 mm
  • Refrigeration range: (+25°C, 60% Rh) +1 ... +7 °C
  • Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
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