Glass door chamber group | TCV
Glass door chamber group | TCV
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Our glass-door narrow chambers are individually tailored to suit the commercial unit’s design with tailor-made number of doors/opening direction. The size, number, tilt and position of shelves in the refrigerator can also be customized.

Technical parameters:

Required thickness PUR/PIR panel structure, thermal bridge joints

It is also possible to bridge low spans and larger spans.

Easy to clean: no sharp corners, so it is easy to clean.

Energy efficient interior LED lighting

The picture is an illustration. For detailed technical information, please contact our colleague.

Glass door chambers from the group: TCV0001 - 4 doors
                                                                              TCV0002 - 5 doors
                                                                              TCV0003 - 6 doors
                                                                              TCV0004 - 7 doors
                                                                              TCV0005 - 8 doors

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